Heart Of Ice ePUB

By Crystal Crichlow

The town of Fort Nelson has secrets, and Charlotte Heart is about to stumble on to the tip of its blade.

Ace Dillon was born in the eighteenth century, but a curse on his town has transformed him into something…frightening.

Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy

Sensuality rating: 0

Cover Art by Blaise Kilgallen

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Chapter 1

Charlotte Heart–Present Day

     I suppose I should have expected it; the bitter cold, the slippery ground and the never ending sea of white. Still, I wished I’d kicked up more of a fight before agreeing to move to one of the coldest places on this planet—Fort Nelson, British Columbia. Population: six thousand and something. Sometimes I wonder if God has a sick sense of humour, or if I am just too closed minded to see the beauty that comes with winter. The way the snow glistens on the ground like a rare pearl or how the winter air always smells like peppermint and pine cones or the stretch of trees that lined the highway with branches covered with fluffy white stuff like whip cream on a sundae. Sure, I can almost see how it might be considered beautiful, but that doesn’t matter. The cold winds and slick ice drown that all out. How can anyone stomach living all the way out here, away from malls and decent civilization? But more importantly, how can my parents force me to leave my old life behind and start a new one in the middle of nowhere, in this godforsaken place that leaves very little to the imagination? Oh, I knew why. It was because they are on their own secret mission to ruin my life.

 We were crawling along the Alaskan Highway. The roads were slippery and wet, causing our four wheel jeep to slip and slide every few minutes. You’d think that would be enough to send my parents back to Los Angeles with their tails tucked between their legs, but in some sick sort of way I think they enjoyed it. They enjoy anything that annoys me.

“Oh, for goodness sake Charlie, will you lighten up back there?” My dad’s hazel eyes peer back at me from the rear view mirror. My mom is snoring lightly in the passenger seat. “Pouting isn’t going to solve anything. “

“Then what is? I’ve tried just about everything to stop this move from happening, but it’s all been useless so you might as well get used to the pouting, Dad. I’m miserable and I’m going to let the world know it.”

“Honey, you’re stressing yourself out for no reason at all. You’ll like it here, just give it a chance.”

I snort. “It’s cold and there’s snow everywhere. They’re no beaches, just trees and nothing else. I tried looking this place up on a map and I couldn’t even find it.”

     He is quiet for a moment. “This place has a lot of old mysteries.” He pauses, waiting for my reaction. Dad knows this topic will intrigue me. I am into books and vampires and all that other paranormal stuff most seventeen year-olds are obsessing about these days. I try to keep my expression composed. No need for him to think anything about Fort Nelson will make me curious. It will set a bad example.

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