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The Last Mayor's Son MobiPocket

By Leslie E. Heath

Aibek gets the surprise of his life when he's summoned out of the West Xona Military Academy to help the village of his birth defend their newly won freedom. Aibek, his best friend, and his father’s life-long servant make the perilous journey to Nivaka.

They arrive to a grand welcome, but soon learn that not everyone there is happy they've come. Will Aibek figure out who in the forest village wants him gone? Or will someone end up dead?

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy

Sensuality rating: 0

Cover Art by James Robinson

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Author: Leslie E. Heath

Chapter 1

The Letter


Eddrick huddled in the shadows near the edge of the arena and considered the recent changes he had seen. He remembered the old adage that change is the only constant in life. Maybe that wasn’t entirely correct, however; changes continued well beyond the grave. Now, he looked at life happening before him—the crowd of people cheering as two young swordsmen faced off in a tournament. One of them was once his son Aibek.

Aibek and his competitor, Intza, faced each other in one of three dusty circles marked out with fist-sized black stones. If either stepped outside the circle, the match would end, and the competitor remaining inside the circle would be declared the winner. They had each won six matches during the hot, humid day, and now traded blows in the final battle of the tournament. One would be the champion of the annual Xona Military Academy East versus West tournament, which pitted teams from the two branches of the Academy against each other.

In Eddrick’s opinion, Aibek was a superbly skilled fighter, light on his feet with a lightning-quick strike. His adversary was larger and stronger, but Aibek had beaten him in an early round last year. This time, they faced each other late in the day, after hours of fighting in the blazing sun had drained both of much of their strength. Breathless, he watched as his son dodged an aggressive swing, then countered with a swift stab towards his enemy’s chest. His blow glanced off Intza’s shield with a loud clang of metal. Aibek ducked away from yet another heavy attack. He wiped the sweat from his eyes with the glove on his shield hand and watched for an opening in his adversary’s defense.

The brightly painted fighting dragon on Aibek’s shield announced him as a member of the West Xona team. His opponent’s shield bore the likeness of the three moons of Azalin, the banner of the East team. The two emblems combined to form the insignia of the Army of Xona, which would employ all graduates from both branches as officers. Eddrick glanced away as the blindingly bright afternoon sun glared off his son’s polished chain mail. He kept to the back of the crowd as he moved to the other side of the arena for a better view.

Meanwhile, the two opponents danced in a slow circle, maintaining their weapons at the ready. Eddrick shouted encouragement to his only son. Though he knew no one could hear him, he yelled with all the volume he could muster. He wished again he had been able to raise his son and silently cursed the cruel fate that had prevented it. He glanced around at the wilted appearance of the other spectators, grateful he couldn’t feel the heat. The shadow from the ancient brick building, the West Xona Military Academy, had long since moved away from the dusty circle where the oldest students battled for the championship.


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