The Power Of Love POD Print

By Diane Vierck

Clay is madly in love with his mate Teaka. When she ends up not coming back from one of her morning walks his world turns upside down. He is willing to risk his life and cross a large and rough flowing river to get Teaka back.
Teaka is madly in love with her mate Clay. After a dangerous accident that sent her to the opposite shore of a large wild river she is frantic about what to do. Trying to get back across on her own would mean risking their unborn child. She holds onto the hope that Clay will find her and refuses to accept anything else.
Clay and Teaka’s love for each other is the only thing that keeps them going. They must find a way to get back into each other’s arms once again. The wild river isn’t strong enough to keep them apart, not when they have the power of love on their side.

Genre: Fiction, Young Adult, Romance

Sensuality rating: 0

Cover Art by Blaise Kilgallen

This book is available in the following formats:
PDF / ePUB / MobiPocket / POD print
Author: Diane Vierck

Chapter 1

   As thunder rumbled in the distance, a group of friends joined together around a campfire for their evening meal. This group of friends lived in a large camp called Clan of Storm. It had been six months since the Clan of Wind and the Clan of Rain had joined together to form Clan of Storm, and Weena and Stryker had been together for the same length of time. Each had belonged to a different clan, but found themselves in love and bonded as Stryker became chief of the clan and Weena his mate.

 Weena’s best friend Hania had found her mate Ivar through an old clan tradition where the parents arrange the marriage of their sons and daughters. Clay, one of Stryker’s three closest friends, had met and bonded with Teaka through the help of Stryker’s match making.

Teaka had taken over most of the meal preparations. Weena knew Teaka loved showing off her cooking abilities—especially since at one time she couldn’t even crack an egg open without destroying it. Clay was the happiest man ever and deeply in love with his lovely blonde mate.

Weena finished her meal of deer meat and corn. She pulled back her golden brown hair with one hand as she shielded her green eyes with the other, peering toward the western horizon. The dark storm clouds were increasing in size.

“Looks like rain again tonight,” she said, pointing toward the dark sky. “We’re sure getting a lot of that lately.”

“Another sleepless night,” Hania exclaimed as she too looked at the clouds forming in the west.

Her long black hair wrapped in tangles around her waist as the wind began to pick up. Weena knew her friend well. Hania hated thunderstorms. She was sensitive to anything that was even slightly out of control ever since her father had died in a terrible fire.

“It’s not fair,” Teaka whined. “Every time it rains I have to re-start the fire. We’re running out of dry wood and I’m sick of starting it. It’s been raining too much lately.”

“Oh, Teaka, you don’t always have to start the fire,” her loving mate replied, wrapping his arm around her. “Starting the fire should be my job anyways.”

Teaka giggled as she straightened her halter, trying to cover the round belly that showed she was almost six months pregnant.

“Clay, I’m only kidding. I just wanted something to complain about. After all, Weena says pregnant women have a right to complain.”

Teaka glanced at Weena, and Weena’s hand went to her own rounded belly. She was four months along, and had been so excited when she discovered she was going to become a mother. She loved the way Stryker looked every time he carried on about how he knew it was a boy by how strong the baby would kick.

     She also knew how badly her friend Hania wanted a baby, yet she and Ivar were not having any luck.

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